Logikworx Services

Custom Training Solutions

Primarily for solutions we implement, and for customers who request or require it, Logikworx will undertake the process of training a client's users in the operation of their current systems.

Our trainers are certified professionals with the process they're involved in. Depth and scope of training are limited to the customer's specifications.

Key Benefits

*          Superior knowledge of the solution deployed by the actual designers and implementers of the solution provide a valuable insight.

*          Client is in charge of the curriculum and decides how much knowledge to impart to what employees.

*          Flexible scheduling of classes to accommodate business needs

Technical Support Services

Logikworx offers technical support packages to service the needs of our clients.

Key Benefits

*          Competent, knowledgeable Technicians.

*          Flexible technical support hours.

*          Cost benefit versus in-house staff.

Offsite/Remote IT Management Services

Operating in the Small/Medium Business space, Logikworx encounters most of our smaller clients that cannot afford an in-house IT department. For them, we created our Offsite/ Remote IT Management Services Department, operated by our LogikLabs division.

Key Benefits

*          Each solution is personalized to a very high degree of customization.

*          The cost reduction of using the service versus maintaining an IT department is enormous.

*          Technical support hours can be customized to fit budgetary needs.


Logikworx Monitoring Services

Logikworx Monitoring Services, is an adjunct to our security solutions. When purchased as an add-on to a custom Security Solution, either as a quarterly or yearly subscription, Logikworx will set up a systems & network monitoring service.

This service monitors several parameters, including server utilization, security, and failure.

Note: Because of the complexities involved in effectively monitoring a computer network, this service is available only with a security solution package designed by Logikworx.